Info about Knutsford Point to Point Races

Have you ever attended a horse racing event before? If you have, you will agree that such events are not just about horse racing alone. Horse racing has a cultural significance in British life, and people attend them for different reasons. Families attend to enjoy a nice time out; vendors attend to engage in business. Even bookmakers have a filled day as visitors place stakes on their favourite horses and riders. One of the most popular races in England is Knutsford’s Point to Point Races.

In this review, we will bring to your notice all you need to know about Knutsford Races.

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Cheshire Point to Point Races

Knutsford is a town in Cheshire. In this town, one of the most popular annual events is the Point to Point Steeple Chase. In most years, the race takes place between November to June. So this means that there are several races during this period. Now, the Point to Point horseracing should not be misconstrued as a professional horse racing event. It is not. However, amateur jockeys and trainers looking to carve out a professional career for themselves use the Knutsford races as a stepping stone to advance their careers.

An opportunity for development 

Many of the leading jockeys and trainers competing under the British Horseracing Authority umbrella started out racing at Point to Point events, in case you didn’t know.  They develop their skills in these amateur events, and as they get better, they move up the professional ladder.

Venue of The Knutsford Races

The race takes place every year at Tabley Hall in Cheshire. On event days, the first race starts at 1 pm. There are two flat races as a sequel to the Pony racing for riders under the age of 16. There are 6 steeplechase races in all. The first one commences at 2 pm on event days.

Side Attractions

Knutsford Point to Point races attract a lot of visitors each year, especially families. If you are looking for a lovely time in the countryside, why not bring your folks around for this year’s event? The land is out of bounds to the public for most part of the year, but the gate is open to visitors on D-day. Most people who visit are not jockeys and trainers but fun seekers looking to enjoy a good time. Here you will find

  • Trade stands manned by traders selling different items
  • Amusement Park and Funfair for kids
  • Licensed Restaurants and bars 
  • Bouncing Castles
  • Bookmakers
  • Picnic Spaces for families 



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When will the 2021 Event Hold?

The event for this year is scheduled for May 16th. However, this date is not definite in light of Covid-19 restrictions. If there are changes to the timeline, the same will be communicated to the public.

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